February Lunar Tea Magick

Tea Magick.  Lunar Cycle.  Things that will change the life of a woman.  This month there is a sacred ritual that you can try.  A lunar infusion.  February is a month of personal growth and planning.  A time to prepare your intentions for the coming of Spring.  What better way than to take some time to make a lunar infusion.

The full moon is a most sacred time every month.  The magick of the moon gives us tides, and at one point in time had control over our menstrual cycles.  Before we harnessed the power of electricity, and created the disruption between ourselves and nature, we were directly in sync with the lunar cycles. 

Making this infusion is a wonderful way to embrace the light of the full moon (February 22, 2016) and harness the power it holds.  The moon is deeply rooted in all aspects of femininity and will provide you with a sacred tonic that can be enjoyed the next day.  Drinking this tea will have a deeply calming effect and can help you to rejoin nature.  Always remember that herbs, plants, flowers can hold our intentions.  Keep your intentions positive while making this tea!

To Make:

Get- A quart or gallon sized Mason Jar, Fresh Herbs, Purified Water

Place chosen herbs in glass container and cover with purified water.  Cover with unbleached cheesecloth, secure with a piece of twine and place outside under the light of the full moon to steep overnight.

You may use whatever herbs you love.  Some suggestions: Lemonbalm, Rose, Basil, Calendula, Lavendar, etc.

In the morning, leaving the cheesecloth on, strain into another similar-sized container, pour and enjoy!  If you live in a cooler climate, the water will be nice and cold.  Note:  If you live where freezing temperatures exist, do not leave outside over night.  You will surely wake up to a nice ice cube…  In this case leave out 2-3 hours, or in a nice window sill that catches the moonlight.

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Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine

Today I signed up for a course that I have been waiting to take for many years.  It is a course given by the University of New Mexico.  Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine focuses on Mexican and South American Traditional Medicines.  I will be trying out every activity they offer in this course.  I am going to share my experiences as I begin this eight week journey……  

I honestly can’t wait to get the reading list and get started.


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Melissa Officinalis


I have taken a large leaping dive into the world of herbalism.  No longer can I pass thorough the health and beauty aisles of natural foods store without reading the tinctures and thinking, “this is good for blood pressure, this is good for anxiety, etc…..”.  

I want to talk about my experience with Lemonbalm AKA Melissa Officinalis (Latin Binomial).  It has been my miracle.  I was instructed by my herbalist to begin taking it for depression and anxiety.  I started to take it last year and have found it to be the most amazing product I have ever used.  This was my first herb and I have learned so much about it.  I have used it for so many things.

I can’t wait to start growing this in my garden this year.  I will be able to tincture, infuse, decoct, and use in so many things.

Every day I spend the day studying herbs and waiting for my next Clinical Herbalism Class to begin.  Honestly there is nothing better to do in the entire world.  I could spend my every day in a garden and apothecary working and researching and creating.

This is my bliss………


For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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